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Registration starts March 4th

EPEL-CACT and IBM are organizing a hackathon to develop a mobile application that incorporates cognitive capabilities based on technology IBM Watson & trade ;, to guide the visitor to the Centers for Arts, Culture and Tourism Lanzarote with the aim of enriching the visitor experience, improve customer satisfaction and the tourist experience, picking their concerns and views regarding their experience.

  1. The challenge is to improve the visitor experience at Los Jameos by developing a cognitive app that uses the IBM Watson & trade technology, and the environment IBM bluemix & trade ;.
  2. Registration is open until April 3, 2016. You must fill out a simple form to know your knowledge and skills to successfully participate in this challenge IBM and Centres of Art, Culture and Tourism Lanzarote.
  3. The April 8, 2016 announcing 5 finalists who will participate in the Competition Development in Lanzarote on 18-21 April at the Audiotorio Los Jameos. In the evaluation and selection finalists will participate a panel of experts.
  4. EPEL-CACT will fund the finalists up to 500 euros per team to cover travel expenses. In addition the costs of accommodation and meals will be covered up to a maximum of three people per team
  5. To be able to give the best the IBM team will organize face workshops on IBM Watson & trade; and IBM bluemix & trade; over 3 days so you can develop the best protototipo.
  6. IBM offers 5 finalists of the Cloud infrastructure for development and deployment of Apps for the event.
  7. IBM will provide on-site support businesses during the days when you will be working on prototyping or technological evolution of their projects.
  8. Centers for Arts, Culture and Tourism IoT display elements and sensing that can unlock the full potential of IBM bluemix & trade; and IBM Watson & trade ;.
  9. On Cognitive Lanzarote Tourist demo Ceremony will present the results against a panel of experts.
  10. On 29 april we will announce the winner of the challenge based on the prototype presented.
  11. The winner will sign a contract with Centers for Arts, Culture and Tourism for 30,000 euros to develop for 3 months cognitive app in order to improve the visitor experience throughout the network of centers.
  12. IBM will provide access to Watson Ecosystem Program the winner of the call.
  13. Also, you can replicate the app in other destinations.
  14. Deliverables and deadlines Before 29 July must be submitted the following:.
    1. Installation Package mobile application for Android and IOS
    2. source code
    3. Memory and development schemes
    4. Manual application
    5. Published in the play store (Android) and App Store (Ios)
  15. We will present the app at an official ceremony to the entire population, the tourism sector and our network of parnets and travel agencies.
  16. Payment. 30% will be paid as an advance to start the application development and 70% to comply with paragraph XIV, and after review which meets all the features and requirements.

Application wanted functionalities:

• Multi-language: Spanish and English, with ability to incorporate other languages ​​
• Login profile and integration with Facebook, Twitter, Tripadvisor, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram
• Suggestions
• Integration with online surveys platforms (SoGoSurvey)
• Gamification Module.
• Module maps in offline mode centers
• payment gateway for ticket and event centers thereof, and restaurant reservation centers and their integration into the calendar.
• Interactive guide the visitor to the Centers for Arts, Culture and Tourism.
• interactive thematic guides (history, culture, cuisine, crafts, science volcanology ...)
• Content manager both to modify and update the content of the functionalities and possible modules to implement
• Calendar of Events calendar integration with capacity
• Schedules and info on access
• Weather information for existing sources (cloudiness, temperature ...)
• Ability to export all information of use and user interest for measuring user experience open for further processing by systems EPELCACT profile format. For example, age range, nationality, payments, visited center guides used ...
• Module augmented reality
• QR code reader
• Forecasting occupancy with sensors, visitor accounting and beacon

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